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My entire career has been spent strategizing, designing and concepting ideas to help clients reach their objectives. Creating opportunities to clarify, simplify, and amplify communications is what eventually results in compelling solutions to complex marketing problems.


It all began in a small production company in Manhattan where we

produced anything from educational videos to sales presentations for

clients, including Seagrams in the spring of '74. In the days when "pulling

out all the stops" for a client meant walking down Madison Avenue with a

five-foot red helium balloon only to find it wouldn’t fit through the

conference room door at Seagrams, our creativity and energy prevailed. We did it for the brands. We lived and breathed our work, and it showed. The experience taught me the invaluable lesson of putting one's heart into every piece of business.


After years of working in ad agencies, I began my freelance career and never looked back. I have had the opportunity to work with wonderful clients, doing all sorts of projects and pro-bono work providing incredible satisfaction and creative freedom.

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